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Friday, May 4, 2012

Life is busy, Life is great!

Baby November is now 12 weeks old (gestation).  I have to wait till the end of June to find out babies gender and for me, that's a bit to long.  We had gotten rid of all our baby stuff with the exception of the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper.  This baby so far has no clothing.  I can't wait to find out the gender so I can do some good resale shopping.  Woo hoo!  Above is a video of the first time we heard baby November's heartbeat.

School is starting to wind down for the year.  We try to complete our school for the year at the end of May.  That way we can enjoy the summer together.

When school is starting to wind down, gardening is picking up!  We start some seeds indoors and at this point, the plants are getting big!  In just 2 weeks we'll start hardening off our plants, then the 1st of June we'll be able to plant them outside.  This year, Lyshie is going to take over 1 full garden herself to get the experience and to hopefully someday be interested in having a garden of her own.

We were recently blessed with a large wooden swing set by a friend of Matt's from work.   I can't tell you how wonderful it's been already!  The kids want to live outside now!  There wasn't much for them to do in our small backyard before so this is just fabulous.  I can even go out and swing, holding my head back and feeling the cool breeze on my face.  I love swinging!

Joshua rode a bike for the first time and didn't want to stop.  I was so proud of him.  He's also counting to 10 already at 2 1/2!  I attribute it to having older siblings (giggle).  I'll say "1" and he'll say "2" cute!

Lyshie had her first orthodontist appointment last week   and we have another one next week.  What do you think we're there for?  You guessed it, braces!  She said she doesn't want to be a metal mouth but she really wants straight teeth.  So that will be the next 2 years of her life.  She's already mourning the thought of nothing sticky or too hard.  lol

Hmmmm, what else?  I've been working on Christmas gifts and slowly but surely they are getting completed.  I'm hoping that most of my Christmas gifts I give away this year will be homemade.  None of that normal stuff though...I'm hoping to really wow people with something very heartfelt that they'll love and use.  My mom caught a glimpse of one of the things I've done and she told me several times how she loves them.  I can't say what they are right now because they are for my siblings but I'm so pleased she loves them.

Well, I'll go for now. I don't want to bore you too much.  I would have posted more before now but morning sickness has been quite difficult with the fatigue of pregnancy and adrenal issues on top of that.  I'm so thankful I'm slowly feeling better and able to function a bit here and there.  God is good!

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