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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vitacost - The cheaper place to get vitamins and supplements

Our family has personally been using vitacost now for a few years thanks to a recommendation by my friend Sheila.  It has saved us a lot of money over the years and shipping is a flat $4.99 per order.  It is not a company where you have to pay to join - you order from them like you would amazon, overstock and other online sites.  They just recently started a friend referral program which is doubly awesome!  If someone uses your personal referral code, you and that person get a $10 credit after that person places their first order.  This is not a membership, just a referral code.  Here are some of the products I've purchased in the past.  Over the past several years I've had a couple mistakes.  Either something wasn't in my order or it was ruined.  They have always been more than helpful to replace anything damaged at their cost.  It does take about 7 business days to get your order so keep that in mind.

Here is the referral code so we can both get $10 credit to our account.


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