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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

Our family ended up celebrating Valentine's Day a little sooner this year for several reasons.  That day happened to be today!  

Hearts all over.  

Happy Valentine's Day

Even on the lights!  Such a simple and cute way to decorate.  The kids had so much fun.

Daddy and Lyshie making biscuits together for breakfast.

Daddy trying to make Lyshie look shorter.  lol!

Waiting for daddy so we can open gifts.  

Boys acting so silly!

I asked Joshua to give me a kiss and this is what I got!

While waiting some more for daddy to show up, Lyshie told us she had a story to read us.  So cute!

Jon made these for everyone!

I made these for the boys.  The idea was from Pinterest.

Lyshie made this for her mama.  It's beautiful!

Piles of presents.  Daddy got hot sauce, 52 Ways I love you cards (from me), and his favorite candy from Japan. 

 Dinner was amazing!  Matt made us steak, carrots and potatoes while the kids had chicken sausages.  We also had sparkling cider from Aldi.  Best we've ever had!

Last but not least, dessert and pretty healthy at that!  I made truffles with honey, dark chocolate and cream.  The strawberries were stuffed with a cream cheese, honey and vanilla extract combination.  So yummy!  Some were rolled in unsweetened coconut and some in cocoa.  Everyone likes the coconut ones the best.  You'd be shocked at how much you don't miss the sweetened coconut.

I hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day as much as we did.  It has been quite the fun day for us all!

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