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Friday, July 22, 2011

My Favorite Health Care People

I sometimes post my favorite baby items, restaurants, etc... I thought it was about time I'd recommend good health care people that we know and love.  Here goes :)

Pairadonics Dental - Larry Bush
Larry Bush attends our church.  We first became friends with their family.  I will admit I was very freaked out about having a personal friend look in my mouth.  I ended up getting over the hump and going in.  The thing that really caught my attention was their laser.  They were able to use that instead of using a shot to numb me up.  Major bonus in my book.  From the first time I went to Dr. Bush, I felt very good about the businesses practices.  I don't use fluoride and while my dentist does, he didn't belittle me either - and not just because I'm a friend.  They also do not use the mercury fillings that some dentists still do (these are dangerous to health). The office is always very clean, the staff is very friendly and Dr. Bush is very helpful and kind.  As a bonus, I got a sonic toothbrush to boot!

Preventative Medical Center - Dr. Seth Bernard and RN Bonnie Guth
After searching for a doctor for years that I trusted, I've finally settled on Dr. Seth Bernard.  He does things naturally when at all possible but when something else is needed, he moves in another direction.  He was the first doctor to tell me that something was indeed wrong with me.  Everyone else said I was just busy and I should not eat sugar - I already wasn't eating sugar! My doctor also told me he wouldn't stop till he figured out what was wrong with me.  His approach so far has been right on when it comes to adrenal/thyroid issues.  A few bonuses about the office: They accept insurance, they have an in-house lab as well as vitamin injections and chelation, they have a 24 hour answering service and sell good quality multi-vitamins and natural things for adrenals and other issues.  They deal a lot with bioidentical hormones as well.  For women patients, when it's time for female exams, they have a woman RN do those.  The whole staff is fabulous!  I've never seen such great and knowledgable people working together.  I've even asked the Dr. and RN about some natural things and they knew exactly what I was talking about.  Usually someone would say "huh", and look at me like I was crazy.

Pediatrician - Dr. Timur Sumer
Dr. Sumer has been nothing but a fabulous Pediatrician for our children.  He is very pro breastfeeding.  While he's not "natural", he's also not the kind of guy to prescribe an anti-biotic unless it's absolutely needed.  He also has an answering service 24 hours per day.  You can call him after hours if you have a concern.  I will say, the several times we've called, he's always been 100% correct in his phone diagnosis.  He's amazing at what he does!  He does advocate vaccines but also does not lecture you when you tell him you're waiving your right to receive them.  If you're a parent that vaccinates, he does this right in office.  I wouldn't want anyone else to treat my young children.

Herbalist - Ann Wade
Last but not least is my herbalist and friend, Ann Wade.  We first went to Ann as a last resort on some issues my daughter was having.  She was the only one able to help the problem Allysha was having.  She has been very instrumental in helping me and my family over and over.  She was the first and main person that helped me with my adrenal issues.  My M.D. even said everything she had me do was right on.  You can find more out about Ann at the below link. 

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