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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Adrenal Fatigue/Thyroid Walk Part 2

After having testing done...testing that was inaccurate due to not enough saliva, we had to do more testing. This testing was a 24 hour urine collection and a blood test.  I was able to stay on everything I've been taking and we measured it that way.  The results.

My TSH was .01 (very low)
My Free T3 was normal
My Free T4 was in the low range of normal.
My cortisol was high - we're trying to figure out why.  Maybe from taking the Nature-Throid when my body wasn't ready for it or a lab error.

My b vitamins, vitamin d and magnesium were all GREAT when tested.

I was supposed to go in for a bone density test the other day.  That would determine if cortisone is messing up my tsh levels.  Unfortunately, the office didn't have power so we'll have to reschedule.

In the meantime I finally did the iodine patch test my doctor said I could do awhile back.  I did it and as you saw from the results in a previous post, it disappeared quickly meaning I'm deficient.  The doctor had me go on Lugol's 2% Solution at 2-3 drops per day.  I read online there may be some detox symptoms from bromide, chlorine and one other thing I can't seem to remember.  I didn't think it'd be too bad but boy did it wreak some havoc.  I started having some kidney pain, horrible headaches, brain fog, emotional issues, feelings of impending doom, etc... I also could not get so sleep for awhile.  Praise God that was only yesterday afternoon and evening. Within an hour or two after taking the Lugol's is when all this started happening.  Today I have a bit of a headache and some kidney pain but no emotional stuff.  Just really, really tired.  I do have to say that through it all my husband and son Jonathan were so kind and took care of me.  That meant a lot!  I called the doctor last night and he said to take a break for a bit and see how I'm doing.  So,  I'm not taking Lugol's for a few days to give my body time to get rid of toxins from the detox and then I'll start again but very slow.  I think I have noticed a few good things though but I don't want to say anything too soon just in case it was a fluke thing.

To read more information about iodine, please visit the below sites.  When it comes to taking selenium for the detox, make sure your multi-vitamins or trace mineral supplements (or anything else) doesn't have selenium in it.  You don't want to be overdosing.

I also read that taking epsom salt and baking soda baths (hot baths) will help with the detox.  I'm curious if activated charcoal would latch onto the yuckies from the detox and pull them through.  Something to ask my herbalist about for sure. The other idea I had was a castor oil pack - but those are messy so that would prob. be my last resort.

Iodine Protocol

Iodine Detox Symptoms and Helps

Also, visit and jump in the Iodine forum.  They have lots of information there as well as people that will help you through it if you'd like.

Here is a video by Dr. Brownstein, one of the main thyroid guru's today.  There are a total of 3 videos.  If you're interested in seeing them all, just follow the links from this video on youtube.

Remember to consult your doctor before starting anything new.

Update - I did have some extreme detox so I've chosen to pulse dose and use it on my skin verses taking internally.  Also, below is a list of things i'm currently taking (for my and your reference).

Adrenal Support - for adrenals
Female Comfort - for pcos
Eleuthero - for adrenals (siberian gingseng)
Trace Minerals Tablets
Super Antioxidants
Prenatal Vitamin
Cordyceps - for energy/stamina
Elderberry Defense
Pantothenic Acid (vitamin b5)
3,500 mg vitamin C

I will also say my vitamin levels looked amazing to my doctor when I had them tested a few months back.  I think the prenatal was a huge reason why they were ok.  My vitamin d levels were great but I had just finished a high dose for 20 days.  That said, I try to now take vitamin d3 in the winter months when i'm outside less.  A lot of people take vitamins that never dissolve and pass right through their system.  One way to check yours is to put it in water and white vinegar for an hour or so and see what it does.  If it stays the same...get another vitamin :)

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Shane said...

I have been using thyroid natural supplements for several months and I am feeling great ever since. I have started back to the gym working out again. My family notices a change in my moods and energy.