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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Harsh Words - From the Enemy?

The above picture is of a mama bear keeping her cub safe.  Wow, those feelings surged strong with me today.  

Allysha, Jon, Josh and I were all shopping in Target today.  We were in the shoe section because the sandals I just purchased for Jon 2 months ago are now too small.  After just a couple minutes of being there and looking through the shoes, a woman started to walk up to us.  Her presence made me uneasy and felt somewhat evil - I can't explain it but if you've felt it you know what I'm talking about.  Being wiccan for awhile, it's made me very aware of a presence that is not of God.  This woman came up close to my daughter and said, "How old are you?"

My daughter responded with "I'm doing good" thinking this woman wanted to know how she was doing.  

The woman asked again "How old are you?"

At this point everything within me wanted to shoo away this lady for no apparent reason other than me feeling like there was something not good about this at all. 

Allysha answered in her sweet, cheery way, "I'm 12 years old.  I just had my birthday not too long ago."

The woman got within a foot of my daughter and said "are you pregnant?"

Shocked my daughter said, "no I'm not."

The woman started to move closer and said, "well, you look like you have a belly there..."  

At this moment adrenalin surged beyond belief.  I took my daughter, turned her toward me and brought her in close and said "my daughter is not pregnant, please leave".  

To which she still mumbled things of my daughter being pregnant because her little belly sticks out a bit.  The woman then left.  

At this point I was very flustered.  My daughter has made it her goal to be pure. she hasn't even started her period yet, how can a lady be so rude, what evil is afoot here, etc...  I stood there shocked, shaking and almost crying about the incident.  At that moment, the mama bear in me rose up out of it all and went to look for that lady.  I wasn't sure what I would say but also praying the whole time that I would not be rude.  

As I walked just a few feet I decided if she wasn't in clear view I would not say another word to her.  I'd just go and check out.  Low and behold, there she stood in the next aisle right before we got to the checkout area.  I told my daughter to take the boys up by the checkout counter and that I would be back. I went up to that woman and said...

"My daughter has a back problem which she has had surgery for (testing) which makes her tummy stick out a bit.  She chooses to be pure till marriage.  She is a very good girl and you had no right to say that to her."  Before I could get it all out the tears were streaming down my face as standers by watched in shock.  I didn't want this woman to think she was right and that my 12 year old baby was pregnant.  I felt I owed it to my daughter to clear her name and let this woman realize what her life is really like.  After a couple more words, the kids and I went to the checkout only to realize that one of the boys had taken the sandals out of the cart that we were going to purchase - so on to the car we went.  

Deep in thought I think Satan used this as an attack on my daughter.  I don't know this woman's reasoning for doing what she did but I do know how Satan works.  He's very crafty.  I told my daughter he knows he can't get my daughter to do drugs but he can get to her about her looks. We talked for awhile and have prayed together.  I'm just shocked at this whole event but so glad we serve an amazing God who loves us!   

Please pray for my daughter.  This has been a hard experience for her.  Life is never boring is it!


Sandi said...

I am still in utter shock over this whole incident. I hope and pray that it does not work bad on Lyshie's self esteem. Love that GD of mine soooooooo much!! Hug her and smooch her for me please!!!!!

Skaake said...

Ugh… I always wonder what was going on in that person's head when I hear stuff like that; definitely not appropriate. I also pray that Lyshie can get past this. There's so much pressure on girls these days, they don't need unbalanced people making it any worse. I hope Lyshie realizes that this woman was unbalanced. This woman's actions were not that of a well balanced person and should not be taken seriously.
"Words hold the power of life and death." This woman's words were not life-giving. So, here's some life-giving words for Lyshie:
You are beautiful.
God made you the way you are, and he loves every part of you from the very top of your head to the tips of your toes and everything in between.
God gave you talents and abilities and desires that make you special and unique; there is no one on earth just like you.
You are loved by friends and family for who you are, exactly the way you are, right this very second.
There will always be unkind people, but we can counter with God's truth. The truth of God will always win. You can be secure in him knowing that he holds you secure. No one, not even unpleasant women at Target, can snatch you out of his hands.

And, Mandy, thank you for sticking up for Lyshie. I think that it is so important for children to see that their parents are there for them; there is a lot of power and trust in that.

Sorry this is so long :)

Jeffrey said...

Just want you to know that I am proud of you Mandi. Love u

Amanda Kaake said...

Thank you so much for all your encouraging words. It means so much to Allysha and I both.

Jamie said...

Wow, I really can't believe it. I mean, of course I believe it, but how can people be so rude and say things so uncalled for?!?!? I'm glad you said something to her. Maybe she'll shut her mouth next time, but even if she doesn't, at least Lyshie will know her mom is there to stand up for her.

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

WOW, what an incident. Really, you did not need to explain anything to her. I think I would have told her off as well and her own business and to BACK OFF. I would have been all over her at the very first question as to how old she was - there was NO good reason for her to even ask that question.