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Monday, April 18, 2011

Homeschooling and Heart Issues

It's amazing to see how God moves us.  Doing things that only He can do in our lives.  I'm very humbled and in awe!

This post today is about homeschooling and what God has done in my heart.  Between 6-7 years ago I was struggling to find "our way" in homeschooling.  I wanted God to be the chooser of our homeschool path.  After this struggling period, we have found our way over the years.  Refining our schooling and doing what we feel we should be doing for God, our children and those around us.

In that time, I had become set and sure that I was totally right in what I was doing and that everyone else who did something different was wrong.  I won't go into all the details but the fact of the matter was that I was focused on others and not our homeschooling and my God.

I have since realized that other homeschoolers who do what they do feel just as strongly about what they are doing as we do.  We all have a responsibility to our children for their education and to God to answer for how we raise our children.  Who am I to say someone is doing something wrong if God has told them to do what they are doing; even if it's different than the path we're on.  I've often thought and said that if we as women have time to criticize, we're not focused on what we should really be doing.  How easily Satan enters in to try to stir up animosity within a group of believers!

So, am I trying to convert anyone over to my style of teaching/learning?  No way!  However, I'm still here for those wanting to learn more about how we school; especially if God is leading them this way.  I feel very blessed with what we are doing and am confident in it.  I thank God for his provisions and for guiding my heart on these issues.

I can't quite put into words what this has done to my heart, but I hope it has somewhat come through.  I LOVE how God works!

p.s. Yes I view my blog as an online diary at times.  lol

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CheshireLizzy said...

Thank you for sharing this, Mandi. It is useful for all aspects of our Religion, not just homeschooling. There are times when we are dead-wrong and think we're right, times when we are right and don't give grace, and times when what we think is black-and-white and it's actually a grey area. It does take Wisdom from the Lord to know the difference ... that or some real humiliation! Of course, even after we've been humiliated, if it draws us to the feet of the Saviour for forgiveness, it is a jewel in the crown.