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Monday, November 22, 2010

Planning the Homeschool Year

I've had several people ask me how I plan our homeschool year. Let me start by saying, this is what my family does; it's not a perfect fit for everyone. However, using the simple guidelines here I know will be helpful for every homeschool.

1. Establish how many days you want to actually school. We count in some sick days, holidays we know we'll be out of town and 2 weeks of extra "off" days. In the past we've had 5 day school weeks; some families have 4 day school weeks.

2. Figure out what month you want to start school and what month you want to end. For us, September through May works well. Some people school year round and others change things up even more. That's fine, just make sure you have a goal in mind.

3. Figure out what curriculum you're going to use, what books you want to cover, etc... We use A Beka for our core curriculum and fill in with other things. We see how many lessons/pages are in the book and how many pages/lessons we need to do per day in order to complete the work within our time frame. I then write in the front of the books how many pages/lessons need to be done per day so no one forgets :)

4. I keep a running list on my computer of extra books, activities, etc... I want to cover for the kids. This is very helpful at keeping me on track.

Having all this prepared out well before the new school year helps give us focus and stay on track and lessons stress immensely. Without this, I know I would be asking for disaster. If you need any help planning your school year, please feel free to ask. I'll help you in any way I can.


Anonymous said...

So helpful! Thank you, Mandi!


Amanda Kaake said...

You're most welcome my dear friend. <3 you!

Katrina said...

Thanks for this!Good layout!
I would like to add, be flexible enough to change things when they are not working out! I do not know how many times I have made what I thought were perfect plans for our year.... only to get 3 weeks into it and realize I either overplanned or it just isnt what we thought! It is ok to change things around, that is the freedom of homeschooling!

Amanda Kaake said...

Katrina, you are so right! That's us too.