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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Happy Gospel: The Wrong Jesus

It's not often that I copy someone else's blog post. Today however, I felt I should. It will only take a couple minutes to read through and is so worth it.

The Happy Gospel: The Wrong Jesus

Satan delights to disguise himself as “an angel of light”. He is king at cloaking deception underneath truth. And that is why the Bible tells us to “study to show ourselves approved unto God” and to “rightly divide the Word of truth”.

“…the Jesus I follow demands my allegiance, obedience and death to self. He has some things to say about the way I live, and I am delighted to obey Him.”

“Jesus is all you need”.

True or false?

The statement is true. But if the statement is used to suggest Christ’s disciples have no obligation to live out the gospel in real life (or to attack those who advocate that living out) it becomes a lie.

The statement is cleverly used because it’s safe; and that disarms us, makes us feel relieved and relaxed and open to receive anything that comes next–the deceptive part. (Lies are always “almost true”.)

Jesus IS all we need…..if it’s the *right* Jesus, and not one we have fabricated to suit our natural desires.

The real Jesus motivates us to love His Word, to search out His wisdom, to delight in His commands and to savor His will.

It’s easy to see how rampant this new Christianity is. We have tens of thousands lifting hands claiming to love Jesus, with zero life transformation. If Jesus doesn’t transform us, and we claim Him as Savior, we trample His very death on the cross.

Many, many are being deceived by this new, “freedom” that is perverted. And they are, in turn, deceiving many.

The lie that comes behind this truth is, “I am not subject to obey, to submit my life to the Jesus in whom I believe, to follow His teaching and to uphold His truths–especially the ones that don’t feel right to me. I can make up my own rules and mainly, I just want to ‘hang out’ with Him.”

But that is contrary to what Jesus Himself said.

Jesus delighted in complete submission to His Heavenly Father, EVEN when that submission brought bitterness and agony!

“If you love Me you will obey My commands”.

Members of this new gospel stand with dagger in hand ready to slash anyone who proposes they must submit to a Higher authority, anyone who “teaches” (unless the teacher tickles ears), or anyone who expounds on the practical application of Scripture for our lives.

The bravest ones even re-martyr saints of the past.

Be prepared for the daggers. If you suggest that God has indeed given us guidelines for how to live, you are in danger of the daggers.

“To obey is better than sacrifice.”

If you suggest, for example, that God has laid out an order to family life, that God has something specific to say about marriage roles, if you are, in obedience to Scripture, teaching others to love their husbands and children and manage their homes, you will probably be labeled as a “family worshiper” instead of a “Jesus worshiper”.

You will even likely be accused of being in a cult.

Cause now you’ve gone to meddlin’. Yep, you’re a bona fide ”false prophet”.

(Never mind the fact that marriage is THE VERY PICTURE of the gospel; one would think that makes family a pretty important issue for the follower of Christ to get right.

Never mind the fact that failure to “teach these things” could result in blasphemy of God’s Word. Nope, we better just stick to “Jesus is all you need”, and stay away from all that other stuff in the Bible.

If you suggest that God says “children are a blessing”, you are probably a “child worshiper”. Why do you keep losing focus???

“but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him.”

Oh, and don’t dare quote from the Old Testament; that will move you to the rank of “raving lunatic”.

Satan is clever indeed and has enlisted a whole army of deceivers to try and sway God’s people from speaking truth about anything.

“Jesus is all you need” is a safe, happy statement with no strings attached. We can be anyone, do anything and no one can touch us because if they try, we’ll just call them “judgemental and legalistic” and retreat back to our “happy place”.

But the Jesus I follow demands my allegiance, obedience and death to self. He has some things to say about the way I live, and I am delighted to obey Him.

The Jesus I follow is gracious and merciful to those who LOVE Him, who demonstrate that love by obedience.

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”

Does He know you? Do others recognize you as a follower of Christ because you “do the will of the Father”? Can YOU recognize a true follower of Christ?

“Blessed rather are those who hear the Word of God and obey and practice it!”

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Anonymous said...

Good post! I have not heard of the Family Worshipper thing before.
There are lots of things that come to my mind. There is, indeed. a growing discontent with the Old Testament. But it is this book that makes the NT TRUE! Christ is in all books, from Genesis to Revelation. Without the OT, the NT is a fable. Without the NT, the OT is incomplete.

Another misleading statement is that of "believe in Jesus". But the Bible says that even Satan "believes in Jesus". We must think about what it means! We must believe in the message of Christ -- that man is a wicked sinner in need of repentance (not a lonely, lost and broken child-victim of others)! We have nothing to offer God at all except our filthy and disgusting rags. We, all of us, deserve to go to Hell forever. And if not for the work of the Spirit in the individual heart, we would be destined for it.