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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What A Godly Man Should Look Like

I LOVE this! I read this yesterday while visiting A Christian Home. In a world where young people are on the hunt for a new boyfriend or girlfriend, they don't even know what they are looking for and end up falling so short of what they had hoped for. I'll get on the subject of dating some other time. For now, read through this lovely article. I just read it to my daughter and pray this is what she looks for. Many men parade around saying they are men of God, but their lifestyle totally contradicts it. I have seen many young women marry ungodly men and now because of their relationship with the Lord, are stuck with them. Life for them is not at all how they would have imagined. Mother's and fathers, pray for your children. Emulate to them what a truly godly wife and husband is like so that they are not confused on what to look for when they are led to courting and marriage.

What a Godly Man Should Look Like
Kathy Gruben

"I would use these words to describe this wonderful man of virtue....

Noble, chivalrous, courageous, fun, true, wise, loyal, passionate, protector, gentle, humble, strong, self-sacrificial, adventurous, patient, loving, kind, serving, intelligent, polite, family centered, lover of truth, steeped in the Word of God, prayerful and hospitable.

These are not the kind of guys that you always notice first in a crowd. But they are the ones that you admire most once you do notice them. They are the ones who go to the person sitting on the side of the church looking left out, and shake hands with a smile. They are the ones that you will find at home instead of in youth group. You will see them sitting with their folks rather than passing notes in the back of church with their friends. You will find them helping in the kitchen or taking out the trash, walking the ladies to their cars and carrying diaper bags even if they don't belong to them.

You'll find them with other guys, in deep discussions about theology, worldview philosophies, politics, and books rather than just talking about the latest football games, computer games and girls. Yet, they can converse on these topics too when needed :- ) . These are the guys who walk on the outside of the sidewalk to protect the lady whom they might be with, and are always watching for ways to take care of her as a sister. When looking for a mate, they want the one who is at home (or wants to be) and "hangs out" with her mom and siblings more than her buddies.

They love a good time, but it usually entails sword fighting, ultimate Frisbee, board games, hiking, touch football, night tag, water balloon fights and G rated movies rather than sports teams, dancing at the bar or movies with violence and sex-who cares if they are in their 20's! A big night on the town includes taking the siblings to the grocery store, the library or out for miniature golf. They are passionate about the things of God and they do not bend on their convictions, no matter what others may say or do. They don't care that some might see them as "goody-goody" or strange for not dating or for spending so much time with their family-they are proud of it!

You might see them on the road at 6:30am rushing to get to a 7:00am catechism class, even though no one is making him go. You will find them in family worship, singing or playing the piano, teaching God's word to his family or sitting at his fathers feet. They write marvelous heart felt letters of encouragement when needed and yet might not say too much by way of personal stuff to many. They keep confidences. You might easily see him with a crowd of little ones about him as he helps to teach them something or play with them. He will watch an old movie and play cards with his siblings or parents ,even when he would rather be playing "Stronghold Crusader" on his laptop.

He would give up his very life for his savior, his ideals and his family. He makes ice cream floats of all kinds-even strange concoctions- and gives his mom tea in bed. He bakes birthday cakes for his friends with his sister's recipes. He learns follow a recipe and make things in the crock-pot because he wants to be able to at least take care of his wife when the baby comes. You are likely to find him under a car, on top of a roof, mowing a lawn, mending the fence, writing a book, working the night shift to help the family-anywhere that will require hard work, initiative and drive-but not for his own sake.

They are so admired and dearly loved by their families because they are an indispensable source of joy and encouragement, strength of character and servitude. They are never truly independent, because they have come to that wonderful place in the Christian life where they realize, that they must be dependent on God alone in His sovereignty, and the people that He has placed in his life.

Therefore, he is a true man's man. A giant. One to look up to. A hero. A leader among his peers. Strong, steady, dependable and one that you could place your life and the lives of your children into his capable and loving hands-with no regrets or fears."

Kathy Gruben 2006


Anonymous said...

Great post, Mandi! I definitely agree. It is wonderful to see how the Lord preserves such men for very blessed women.
I am so thankful that, though imperfect, my Chris doesn't have a record of using his time for unlimited social ends. I am thankful that he was usually too shy to speak to girls or flirt with them. I am thankful that he was seen as a weird man for not wanting to go to the theatre, bars, or watch sports. He used a good portion of his time studying theology and church history, developing his spiritual side and learning to cling to Christ and His Word. That is what makes him such a great leader for our family. He knows so much more than I do about these things because he dedicated his spare time away from work to study of it. He is more gracious and temperate than I am.
There is absolutely no substitute in our world of Eves for Adams that are unwilling to bend in either the direction of us or the world.

Thanks for posting this, Mandi! It is so needed.

Beth Fisher

boonetrock said...

Wow! Thank you so much for this hugely inspiring, and quite magnificently written piece! It is also a very encouraging piece if I may say so myself! This is exactly the kind of man I want to be. Please pray that Christ will make me this kind of man by breaking me and conforming me to His will! Thank you once again for writing this piece, it really reminded me of my calling as a child of God, redeemed by grace alone through faith in Christ alone!