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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day of School 2010/2011

Today is our first day of school. The first day is always greeted with enthusiasm. Now to make every day like this. There's something about the first day of school that makes everything feel more "normal" again. It's nice to know we have a routine - something to follow. Dinner is ready and in the fridge for when the time comes to make it, the house is clean (for now), laundry is started and dishes are done. Praise God for another school year with my children!

The day started out with Lyshie helping me fix my wind chime.

Jon thought he could get away with riding his bike first. Sorry buddy :)

A Beka for Lyshie and Rod and Staff for Jon.

Joshua watching his siblings and loving being next to them. It will be his turn all too soon.


Anonymous said...

Ok.......why does Lyshie look so grown up!!!? :)


Anonymous said...

Yay! <3

Rod and Staff is a new one. I will have to check that one out. What do you think of A Beka for preschool? Do you have a recommendation for this?

Love & Blessings to you,

Amanda Kaake said...

You know, I have never personally used A Beka for pre-k. I use it for K. Rod and Staff is just something I had always used for pre-k and I like it. Plus it's oober cheap. lol. I will say when teaching a child to read, A Beka is spot on!