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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Real Superheros - God's Angels!

I grew up loving comic books - I still do love them. My brother Jason is the one that got me hooked. Every time I hear another comic book hero movie is coming out, Matt and I try to go see it if possible in theatre. It's just something I love. Well, my kids follow that love of mine and sometimes, I wonder if it's a bad thing. In fact, I have a feeling it is. They can easily quote parts of the super hero movies, sing the songs that is on the movie, etc...

One day while visiting the local Family Video, I found a movie called Angel Wars. I thought, "well, we'll give it a shot". I was blown away. I love the animation of these kids movies as well as the message. In these action packed animated movies, God's angels fight against satan's demons for human souls. I think the movies were made VERY well. Check out the below link for a clip. To find out more. visit

It is nice to know that while watching these more often than some of the other kids movies, my kids will be playing out battles fighting for the salvation of human souls. :) Oh yes and one more thing, all the background music is sung by Christian artists. My kids know most of the music and are able to sing with it.

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