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Thursday, August 5, 2010

1 Year Ago Today My Joshie Was Born!

Our first moment together.

Fresh baby :)

Baby wearing in the winter.

Eyes for only mama.

Squishy faces.

First park day with siblings.

All my babies feet.

Joshua, my dear sweet, Joshua. I remember being pregnant with him I had told Matthew "this boy is going to love music". He had rhythm even in the womb. To this day, I think he loves music more than my other kids. Don't get me wrong, Lyshie loves music, but music makes my Joshua come to life! How neat that we can know some things about our children before we even give birth to them.

So far, my Joshua is for the most part very easy going. When he is mad, oh is he mad! Another strong willed child to add to the two I already have. lol! He's a joker. He loves to make funny faces when you take pictures of him. Once he sees the red light (focusing in), it's all over. His nose scrunches up and he's cracking everyone up. He loves making people laugh.

Joshua is my cuddle bug - and daddy's too. He loves to "iss" which means kiss. He knows he is loved and I feel he in some way or other knew that the day he was born. He's always had people all around him loving on him. It's what sustains him.

Joshua has recently been very interested in cars. Actually, let me say it's the wheels on the cars he's very interested in. I LOVE it! It reminds me of Jon when he was little. Although he'll sit much longer than Jon ever did and just turn the wheels round and round. I wonder what his little mind is thinking.

Joshua has a little bit of his Grandma Sandi in him. The back of his hair is so fine that it tangles up when he sleeps or rolls his head around on a couch or floor. He's also started twirly his hair in his fingers. Both things are trade marks of me mum :)

When I had some very hard times a couple months after he was born, oh what a smile he brought to my face when nothing else could. If he was a girl, he surely would have been named Joy.

Joshua, my dear son, may God be your first love. May He guide you and may you be willing to follow Him all your life. God has something big in store for you my son. He is going to use you for His purpose. Follow Him and you will never be in want. My dear son, I pray this - that you will love the Lord with all your heart all the days of your life. Serve Him alone my son. My son, my Joshua, I love you! Welcome this your first birthday! How blessed are those of us who you have graced your presence with.

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