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Monday, April 26, 2010

Live Footage of Gnowfglins muffins, our garden and more:)

Since it takes so long to upload movies here on this site, I've decided to upload to youtube. Here's what you see in the movie:)

1. Muffin batter (soaking). I got the recipe from Wardeh at Gnowfglins. You can check her out here.
2. Sourdough starter. I got this recipe from here. I'll let you know how that turns out. It will be a few more days.

Notice Matt's Golden Grahams and then our organic cereal we purchased from Aldi.

3. Our started plants - all doing very well! Yeah!
4. Jon's bean plant that we transplanted outdoors. How fun! We're transplanting another one today.
5. Our boxes of lettuce. They are slowly coming up. Yeah! Even after shooting this video yesterday, the lettuce has gotten bigger.
6. Strawberries - this will be the first year we get fruits from them.
7. 10x10 foot garden for tomatoes, herbs, etc...
8. Our compost bin we got from Sams Club.
9. Our new little herb gardens and plans for more!

Fast forward to now - the muffins are great! They are very moist and flavorful.

We have lots of work to do outside and will def. be making more muffins as well. Thanks Wardeh!


Mrs. Stash said...

How fun!! I like this peek into your world. :)

Chris and Beth said...

I agree with the last comment -- Good stuff!
It was lovely to see baby Josh and yourself live -- I felt like I was at your house. Great selection of projects, too! Don't forget to tell us how your sourdough works out.
Composting saved us a lot of space in the rubbish bin, when we did it at our last house. I can't wait to do it again here.