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Monday, March 8, 2010

A visit from my mom and dad:)

Panera, here we come! I did a custom sandwich. Antibiotic free chicken, roasted tomatoes, roasted red pepper pesto, mayo, salad greens, red onion on semolina bread. yum!!!

Lyshie got broccoli soup with a sierra turkey sandwich. She LOVES the chipotle mayo. We got a blondie to share.

Mom got a tomato basil sandwich that looked oober yummy along with a cobblestone muffin.

Me and my mommy :)

Grandma Sandi and Joshua;) She kept talking about how cute his little ears were.

March 10th is my mom's birthday. Lucky for her she came up just a few days before so we decided to celebrate. We made yummy cupcakes, the kids made her gifts and oh the other food. Yum! We had such a good time together. I wish I had pictures of my dad, Matt and Jon. Such is life.

Matt got his new projector in the mail from a side job he recently took on. He's been wanting one since we got married, so I'm glad he has been able to now get one. He said dad, Jon and himself all walked into Joanne Fabrics to get some blackout cloth for the screen. Jon said "dad, I don't want to go there". I guess my dad and husband both chuckled together. lol!

All in all everyone had tons of fun. It's so nice when family comes up to visit. Jon cried for quite awhile after Grandma and Grandpa left :( We hope to see them much more often in the next year than we have been able to in the past.

Happy Birthday Mom! We love you!

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Sandi said...

I love his little ears! hee hee
Had a splendid time...see my post today...shh..mums the word!! :)