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Friday, March 19, 2010

Passing along a good deal.

I went to the Goodwill recently and found some lovely organic products, new in the package. I bought up several of them because of the great price! I would like to pass some on to you today. I will send 2 Yes To Carrots Coral Sunshine Lip Tints to one lucky winner. One for you and one for you to share with someone else. Shipping is on me :)

Here's what you need to do to be entered.
1. Post a comment here stating either why you use organic products or would like to. If you do not use organic already but would like to - why?

2. Post my giveaway on your blog.

3. Do a random act of kindness for someone else the day you read about this and post it here:)

This drawing will be held on March 31st at noon eastern time.

Update!!! Winner is Jamie! Great job Jamie! Just send along your address and I'll get these out in the mail to you :)


JoodiePatootie said...

Oh Mandi... I love my organic products. But for now, it's getting really expensive. I do love to grow organic veggies and berries in my backyard still. But our family chose to be clean eating/living for our own health and for the sake of the environment. My sons have allergies and it's much easier to know where our food comes from by making it from scratch.

Sandi said...

Happiness to the winner of your lovely giveaway!!

Jamie said...

We try to buy organic as much as possible. We feel what goes in to your body, and what you put on it, couldn't be more important! Because I can't afford to buy everything organic, we are working towards making some of our own things, like toothpaiste, etc...

Amanda Kaake said...

The winner is Jamie!!! Congrats!