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Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't let this moment pass you by

Not so long ago, my daughter told me she had a hard time getting into the word of God. She said she needed something that taught it in a way that she could apply it to her life. This is one of those times as a parent, I dare not wait or hesitate. SHe asked for something to help her learn more about the Lord - that is something that needs to be fed and nurtered in any and all ways possible.

While at the Homeschooling Works convention, I found a book called, The Quest for Good Character put out by The Courtship Connection. They also sell The Princess and the Kiss book and workbook among many other wonderful books. The Quest for Good Character looked like something Allysha might like; so I picked that up along with Life Lessons from The Princess and the Kiss, Stay in the Castle and Seven Royal Laws of Courtship. As I sit here typing, Allysha has just finished up her first lesson in her character book and loves it! Here's what she had to say

Allysha 10 years old:
"I think this is pretty neat and I like it a lot. The scrapbook area is a lot of fun. I also like the questions it asks after you read the verse for the day. It makes me think more about what I'm reading."

I'll have to update once we've gone through a few more lessons and see if she still loves it. I honestly think she will. Each lessons starts out with taking a closer look in God's word. You read the given verses in the bible. It then asks you questions about what you have just read and gives you a space to write down the answers. Next there is a "try this" area. It will ask you to try something. For instance, "Who has been available to you? Have you thanked that person? Who will you be available to this week? What will it cost and what will you gain?". Next there's a journaling section. A place where the child is encouraged to write out their thoughts on what they read. The next page there is a scrapbook section. Here, the child can draw pictures, tape in cartoons, quotes, clippings from magazines, etc... At the very bottom of that page it has "bubble talk", ponder points and related verses.

To find more out about Courtship Connections products, pricing and more, visit or visit this site. This may or may not be for your child. I would encourage you to do whatever your child needs to learn more about the Lord in a way that they not only understand, but can have fun with. The more fun we have, the easier it is to learn.

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