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Saturday, January 9, 2010

2009 Highlights

Our biggest and best event of the year by far was our son Joshua being born. What a blessing!

Allysha learned how to ride a two wheel bike.

Lyshie found her love for cooking!

Matt started teaching math and science!

Matt started his electronics project.

Lyshie turned 10 and had a fun fairy party.

Mom, Lyshie and I went to Holly Hotel for a fancy tea time.

My brother and his wife got back together and recommitted themselves to their marriage. God works in AMAZING ways!

This kids started doing Home Depot monthly projects with daddy.

We were given a rototiller for the garden!

Lyshie and Jon learned how to play baseball with daddy.

I went to a mother-daughter tea with my Lyshie.

My niece Scarlett was born.

Jonathan learned how to do puzzles and is a whiz at them!

The kids and I made ice cream together for the first time.

I had lots of fun photo shoots with the kids.

We were able to take a few trips down to Grandma and Grandpa Good's.

I got to see my dad fly his plane.

Jon learned how to use the potty.

Last but not least I have been truly loved by my husband, my daughter, my two boys and I have a God who loves me dearly. What an amazing year!

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