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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To...

Ok, maybe not cry. lol. Today was my 30th birthday! Can you believe it? Not only was today my 30th birthday, but today my new son turned 4 weeks old. What a day to celebrate!

First of all, my friend Tonya came over and made me some birthday soup. It's Korean and the recipe can be found anywhere online. Very yummy and nutritious. I just love the story behind it.

Next, my wonderful husband came home from work and I had to leave asap to renew my plates and I thought my license. I get up to renew everything, pay and walk up to have my picture taken. The lady says "What are you doing? You don't need your license renewed". Oops, big blooper on my part. So I voided my check and wrote a smaller one. That sure was nice. lol! I tell you what, this brain isn't quite working. Lyshie and I (and JOshua) then went to the Salvation Army which was very close by and got some clothes for Joshua and a KinderMat for Jonathan (nip). Lyshie said "Is this where you're going to spend your birthday - in Salvation Army". I said, "why sure, it doesn't bother me". lol

Next, on to home where my amazing husband was already cooking some fabulous brick chicken, cheesy hashbrown potatoes and some amazing pasta.

Last but not least was my birthday cake and gift form Lyshie. Lyshie gave me some of my favorite cookies - almond crescent, as well as a handmade flower. She's so stinkin sweet!

That was my amazing day in a nutshell. Now off to bed to watch the rest of Miss Potter, a girly movie. Oh and I did not have to do dinner dishes at all! How cool is that?

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