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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall Decor

I'm just starting to get out some of my fall decor. Oh that and our fence is finally now all white! It's only taken over a year. rofl!

Here is a little section of my front porch. I got the scarecrow at the Dollar Tree. How cute is he!

Up next is our back deck. We still need to stain this but are just waiting for the rain to stop:) I can't wait till the mums completely open up. How pretty they will be!

Next up is a close up of the mums:)

This picture is the most "thrifty". I got the centerpiece item at Goodwill for $.99. It was a new Target item. The tablecloth I got at clearance at Target for under $5.

Last but not least is a view of most of our fence. Praise the Lord it's now finished!

We still have many more things that need to be finished in the house. Pictures will soon follow. Why the rush? Well, we're hoping to get our home re-acessed so we can save over $300 per month on our house payment. I'll also update you on that;)


Sandi said...

PRETTY PRETTY! Love the fence! Hope all works out for you. I know you are trying hard to get this accomplished!
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I love how you decorate, Mandi. It is so homey...much like your mom, in my memory, decorated.
I look forward to seeing some of this in person!



PS: You look splendid with that little baby boy!