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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Native Flowers and Smoothies

Today Lyshie went picking some of the Queen Anne's Lace I planted last year. I know, most of you will think I'm crazy for actually planting it. It is a great growing plant/weed in Michigan so why not?

While picking these I thought of my sil Sarah, who had many bouquets of these for her wedding reception. I was the one that actually got to put them together. Talk about feeling honored!

A few days ago I decided to make my own smoothies as a knock off of Tropical Smoothie. My son started to drink his and after telling me how much he liked he, he wanted me to take some pictures of him drinking it. lol! So here they are!

I used frozen strawberries purchased at Aldi (no sugar added), frozen banana halves, just a bit of plain yogurt, turbinado sugar and a bit of water. We like more banana than strawberry. I'm sure the options are limitless.