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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cleaning out the garage and thrifty finds!

My husband decided that today would be a great day to clean out the garage due to some upcoming van repairs (transmission). Needless to say I'm elated that we'll have a clean garage. Little Jon thought he needed to help with this one.

While out resale shopping, I was hoping to find some organizing bins or something for Matt for the garage. Needless to say, I didn't find a thing for him. I did however find a few other things. I got some wall stickers I've been wanting for Jon and Joshua's room that are sold at Target. Instead of paying Target's high price of $12.99, I got them for $3.99!!! I also got those adorable clothes for my little niece, Annika. Can't wait to see them on her. The clothes and the wall stickers totaled $8.42. Can't complain about that.


Smarg said...

Hello...I just read a number of your postings and I enjoyed your blogging style, reading about your life with your little family, and the fact that you are expecting again.
I am very new at blogging...but I am learning. I would like to follow your blog. I live in Western Washington State.
My blog is (if you are interested)

Sandi said...

Too cute! I got Keira some camo pants just like that last year at the Goodwill and they loved them. They fit her good! WOOT!