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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Kaake Updates...

Well, this is more of a me being pregnant with baby Kaake update. lol! The morning sickness has finally almost completely subsided. It's still here now and then but I'm doing much better. I am able to totally cook now which is so wonderful! I can also eat most anything now as well. Man that took awhile. I'll be starting my 6th month Wednesday so this has been a long time coming it would seem. My energy is not what I would hope for it to be but it could be my fault too. I feel better so I way overwork one day, then am worthless the next. And so the cycle continues. I've grown so much it's crazy! I've gained 11 pounds so far which is just a hair high from what says I should be gaining. I think the baby had a growth spurt though this past week. My food intake wasn't really more than usual but I gained a few pounds. So it goes, so it goes. All in all I'm feeling pretty stinking good. I've been making wipes for the baby and collecting clothes at resale shops here and there. I also got some lovely clothes from a friend of a friend the other day. I was in awe of the kindness of this stranger to our family. What a blessing it was indeed. I just told my husband today I'd be shocked if I went to my due date this time. With my son I was a day early and with having 2 kids already and having lots to do in the summer, I see myself on my feet even more. That and my bedroom is upstairs as are the children's so I'll be up and down stairs several times per day. I guess only time will tell;)

So there you have it, the update for now. I'll have a belly shot next week to commemorate the beginning of our 6 months! Yeah!!!!

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