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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baby Kaake Update - Progesterone...

This is probably my most exciting announcement aside from announcing I'm pg and soon finding out what I'm having. I had a lab done to see if my progest levels were going up after I had stopped taking the progesterone supplements for a week and they did! I'm so super excited. My body is now doing what it's supposed to be doing and baby Kaake is doing just fine. Apparently you're not supposed to feel movement every day but I sure do with this one. Several times every day and sometimes so hard it makes me totally stop what I'm doing out of shock. This little one is going to be a bruiser. lol

I also looked at my ticker and did a double take when I realized that I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow! It doesn't at all seem possible. Sometimes it feels like time is flying and others it seems like it's just slowly keeping on.

Anyway, so here's to celebrating baby Kaake being just fine. I'm still in shock and awe. God is awesome!

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