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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lovely Thanksgiving Links

There are many I've found that are lovely. My two most loved links will be the top two. Enjoy!

The Plimoth Plantation is an actual place in Massachusetts. I hope to someday be able to take my children there. Regardless if you are able to travel there or not, there is lots of lovely information on the site.

The First Thanksgiving - You Are The Historian - this is a fun and interactive site that children of all ages can enjoy. They become the detectives searching for truth about what really may have happened on the very first Thanksgiving Day.

Here is a link to a Thanksgiving Timeline.

The Great Thanksgiving Hoax - Decide for yourself whether or not this article is accurate. Gather your own information and writings of Bradford. This is a very interesting read:)

Caleb Johnsons Mayflower History page is packed with information. It even gives a list of those that sailed on the Mayflower! This is totally worth checking out.

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