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Monday, January 5, 2009

Another New Day:)

Well this is turning into more of a journal these past two posts, I sure hope you don't mind. I always wondered if what my friend said was true. If we ignored the pregnancy symptoms long enough by keeping busy, they'd not be there. Unfortunately that's not so true. lol. I've been busy getting my house back into order, taking care of a sick husband and a little guy with diarrhea - ew! I'm also re-evaluating what we're doing in school, how we're doing it and trying to fit in some things our daughter would really enjoy. Despite all this and the every day routine of meal cooking, dishes, laundry, etc.... I'm still sick. It's funny though - I'll be doing something and then think "wow, I'm not feeling well, do I have the flu?" Then all the sudden it will hit me like a ton of bricks, no, I'm not sick, I'm just pregnant. lol.

In other news, both of my children have been completely fascinated with the Odyssey series by Focus on the Family. They both eat up the movies and audio cd's like I would have never been able to imagine. I thought of a friend recently who homeschooled all 8 children and told me how they loved Patch the Pirate. Wanting what's best for my children I thought maybe I should get that - after all they'd probably like it better than Odyssey right? Then I came to realize, every family is different as is every child. There is nothing wrong with my children for loving Odyssey instead of Patch the Pirate. In fact both are very wonderful programs. After all, why kill a good thing eigh?

Well, I won't bore you any longer but just want to say, don't worry about what the other families are doing around you. I don't try to keep up with the Jone's but I do like my children to have every opportunity possible. That sometimes leads me down a path I should not go down. Pray for your children and their future, follow the Lord's leading for your family, not the family next door:)


Lisa Willing said...

I haven't checked your blog in awhile and I am so glad that I did! Congrats...Congrats...Congrats to you and your family on your pregnancy. I am so happy for you.

Amanda Kaake said...

Aw thanks! How are you doing? When is your due date?