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Thursday, November 13, 2008

PIes and CupKaakes..

Last night we received a call from Matt's brother saying he wanted to send us on a scavenger hunt. He told us to go to Grand Traverse Pie company to pick something up from him. When Matthew arrived there, he picked up the pie along with a note that read something along the lines of since he couldn't get cupcakes here, he'd have to settle for a pie. Well, since our last name is Kaake, we refer to cupcakes as little Kaake's. We were so excited and called him right away to see if his lovely wife Sarah was pregnant. Sure enough, SHE IS! Congrats to Ted and Sarah for this lovely blessing. We're excited beyond belief that God has chosen them to become parents of this little joy.


Sandi said...

you got all those pies????????? or did you take your camera to the pie place???? HEE HEE

Amanda Kaake said...

lol - no we got one:) I got the pix online:)