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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More goodwill finds

This has to be one of my most favorite goodwill finds within the month. It's a gorgeous - almost old fashioned, looking nightgown for my daughter. How lovely! I paid $3.99 for this which is more than I usually spend, but it looked brand new and was Laura Ashley.

Here are some of my other finds:)

NIP ornament hooks .19
#3 candle nip for my sons birthday .39
2 like new shirts for my daughter .50 each
NIP stationary .99
NIP bike helmet for child around 4-5 $2.99


Sandi said...

oh my Lyshie is growing up!!!!!! I can see that twisted all around her in bed...LOL

Amanda Kaake said...

Lol! She said she's fine with nightgowns in bed... I think I'm going to take a black and white pix of her and Jon after our tree is up with them both in their pj's, her holding an old fashioned candle holder or it sitting by her and holding Jon reading an old fashioned book to him.