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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Candy Canes, Hugs and Kisses

Oh boy, these kids are so hard to try to get pix from them. lol! If one is smiling ,the other isn't. This is the best I could get tonight. I think I'll have to try next on the stairway and when we get our tree up. I do though think part of the problem is I need a camera that will take the picture faster. I've missed so many good shots waiting for it to take the picture. Arg!


Sandi said...

TOO CUTE! Love Jons little hands on his face and Lyshie the big sister !!!!! They are growing up way too fast!!!!

Amanda Kaake said...

Yes they are. Jon put his hands there with no prompting. I loved it!

pechvazquez said...

I love this picture too, the kids in their nightgowns infront of the fire, it actually makes me miss the snow a bit and having a fireplace even more : )