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Thursday, October 9, 2008

What an amazing guy!

I love to "get er done" for the most part. My husband does too - just not in the same timing as I. I would have had all the house repair and upgrades done a week before we moved in - money permitting of course. lol!

Well, I get a call from Mr. Kaake today which is very rare. I'm usually the one to call him. He asked me if I had lunch. Usually when he says that he's on the way home. Not today, I thought. He's now in Pontiac and what would the reasoning be? My initial thought of him coming home was indeed correct. He took his 1/2 day vacation that he's been saving as well as tomorrow off. Then he suggested something to me that I found very exciting. He said we can get things done around the home!!! I was thrilled. One thing in particular that he mentioned was paiting the den. We've had the paint for quite some time and have just waited for the right time to do it. Unfortunately I got a horrible headache so I'm currently sitting here in bed. It's 1/2 hour till midnight and my wonderful husband is still working downstairs on the den. Our living room is quite the site. We had to empty every bookcase in the den so we could move them away from the wall to painnt. It truly looks like the library decided to have a book sale right in our living room. lol!

You know, while it's a lot of work, it sure is nice giving the room a good clean out. I've already found several things I'm going to freecycle to a local homeschooling family. It's not only a blessing for me to clean out and have a room that looks brand new, but I get to bless someone as well. I will update as soon as I can with before and after pictures:)

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