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Monday, October 20, 2008

My Amazing October Goodwill Finds

NIP tablecloth from target 60inches x 104 inches (tans and fall colored stripes just on the two ends)
NIP long window treatment - 1 panel - green - for dh's basement to hide storage items.
Small hoop for cross stitching.
NIP 4 pack Target Ultimate Napkins
2 brand named button up shirts for Jon - like new
1 Bob the Builder like new long sleeved shirt - for Jon
Like new Children's Place pajama pants - for jon
Old Navy army green colored pants for Jon
Old Navy jeans for Jon
Like new blue cords for Jon
Like new nighty for me
Black hoodie for Jon - very well lined hooded zip down hooded sweatshirt.
Like new jean skirt for Lyshie
Pot for Jon that he thinks is Pooh's honey pot.
1 small glass jar with lid
And last but not least 2 NIP note cards from Target - 12 pack each.
All the above was purchased for $25 and change.

Next stop I purchased the following items for $18 and change:
Infantino sling like new in box
Old fashioned nightgown for Lyshie
Dress pants for me
Suit jacket like new for Jon
NWT maternity capri's from Target
Treasure Island book - like new
Jumanji vhs


Sandi said...

"NWT maternity capri's from Target".......something you need to tell us?? Great finds! Where are the pictures of all your goodies! LOL

Amanda Kaake said...

LOl! No news here. Just thought I'd get them just in case it happens someday. They were a great price! I should post pix....