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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Family Time at the Orchard

Today we spent time with our Aunt Cheri and Uncle Mark at Blake's Cider Mill in Armada. We had so much fun! As if their company alone wasn't enough - the cider mill was full of things for us to do. Jonathan took a pony ride and 1/2 way through ended up getting off into daddy's arms. lol. They had lots of pumpkins that the kids loved to run around and an awesome, big, red tractor that Jon got to sit on. Lyshie really wanted to rid the trains so we also ended up doing that. They had the best donuts I have ever tasted in my life!! I thought I had to get an apple fritter since the places around here don't have donuts that are much to talk about. Boy was I wrong! I had wished I got donuts instead of the fritter. lol. Lyshie spotted a caramel apple with sprinkles that caught her fancy. She asked if she could have one since she had never had one before. How could we refuse? As we all sat down to enjoy donuts and cider, Jonathan saw Lyshie eating her caramel apple. If you have kids, you know what happened next - he wanted an apple. So, daddy went into the store to purchase one lonely apple. It wouldn't' even register on the scale and since they go by weight, he paid a little bit of nothing for it. He was pretty proud of that. lol.

After the fun time at the cider mill, we all got in our vehicles and headed to a little downtown area very close by that had a wonderful restaurant. It was called The Armada Roadhouse and it was wonderful! While it was a bar and grill, the bar was in a totally separate area which made family dining lovely. The cheese sticks were fantastic!!! Matt and Cheri both got a burger and said it was very good. Matt had onion rings instead of fries and the portion was huge! I got a reuben sandwich that was oh so yummy! Jon got chicken strips which were amazing and Lyshie got spaghetti which she too really enjoyed.

We have decided we need to make this a yearly event. It was so much fun! Enjoy the pictures:)

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Sandi said...

Looks like you had a fun family time without us....:)
Love you!