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Monday, October 6, 2008

Family Games

While Matt was in his supervisor postion, he was too tired to come home and play family games. What a sad time:( We're getting back into it again and are having so much fun. The current game is checkers. I don't play logic games too often and try to not think too hard if I don't have to. lol On the other hand, my husband LOVES playing logic games. He beats me every time - usually with one of my kings left and 7 of his. Yeah, pathetic. He just taught Allysha to play last night. When he came upstairs he said "I hate to say it, but I think she'll be quite the challenge for you". He said she was really thinking about every single move she made. So, today Lyshie and I will play together for the first time. I'll let you know who wins. It will prob. very well be her.

The picture above is the checkers game we have. We got it from cracker barrel. It's fairly large. The checkers are approx. 3 inches across if that gives you an idea for size.


Sandi said...

Fun times that you can never get back down the road! :)

Sandi said...
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Amanda Kaake said...

I wish you lived closer:( You should see us playing pictionary. It's a hoot!!!

Mike said...

Great game! I love playing games. I remember the time when my family move in to our recent property. Our kids adores playing inside those boxes as well.
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