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Sunday, September 14, 2008

So nice having Matt back...

I can't remember if I posted this yet or not but I just love having Matthew back home with us. He was working so much that when he got home he'd eat dinner then go to bed. It was really like he wasn't here at all. We so love having him back. We just picked up a really cool checkers game today at Cracker Barrel after we had lunch. We can't wait to get back into playing family games again. I also can't wait till we have a family schedule up again. That really helps us stay on track and make more use of our time. Otherwise we'd both be seen on the computer constantly - I know pathetic.

That's pretty much all I have for now. In just a couple days I'll have before and after pictures from my kitchen. One of my appliances is leaving (bit the dust) and another is replacing it. I'm super excited. I can't say I haven't wanted a new one - but never had a reason till now.

Oh and if you happen to be reading this and can fill compression cracks in a basement - please look us up;)

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