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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our new living room and dining room!



Matthew and I were able to get our living room and dining room painted yesturday! I'm so excited about it. We moved into a foreclosed home and the walls were so hideous. Not from the color, but from the damage and stains that were on it. My son decided to add to it's awfulness by coloring on it. lol. I think we've finally got him to the point where he won't color on it anymore - thankfully. Well, this time instead of the butter yellow that's on the walls, we went with a mossy green. The company we chose to go with is FreshAire which means the paint has no VOC's. A lot of other paint companies tout that and they are right about the paint base, however, the tint they use does contain VOC's. This paint doesn't have it in either. Less fumes for you and your family is always a good thing. Anyway, they called this color 'terrarium'. Let me know how you like it:)

We plan to finish up by also painting the kitchen this color. All of the halls in our home as well as the entryway is going to be painted a very lovely cream color. The picture above the fireplace is also going to be replaced by a bit bigger and richer picture.

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EBeth Fisher said...

Very nice! I look forward to seeing it (Lord-willing) in April/May. I wish I could see it before. :o)