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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lyshie got her futon mattress!

We were gone for the weekend at my sil's wedding. When we were about 2 miles away from home we were trying to decide if we would have had to sign for the futon mattress that we had ordered for our daughters new bed. We were laughing and joking around about it being on the front porch. As we got closer to our home I noticed something large and rolled up, with two black ties on it. It had indeed arrived - no signature needed. We had ordered the bed at least a month ago but had to wait till we had the funds to purchase the futon mattress. It has now arrived and I hope to be able to make a cover for it today. I found some really easy instructions online that uses two sheets and some velcro (hook and loop tape). That's what we're going to try to do:)

Lyshie is absolutely thrilled to be able to sit on her little couch now. She told me this morning she was sitting on it trying to figure out what to wear. I have a feeling quite a few books are going to be red on that little futon couch.

If interested in making your own futon mattress cover click on the link Make Your Own Futon Mattress Cover. I will post pictures as soon as it has been made - the good, bad or ugly. lol!


Grandma Sandi said...

Oh my Lyshie Squishy!! You look so cute . Is that the comforter that I got you on it for now? I sure miss you, but love seeing you on here! So happy you got your mattress!
I love you!

Jason said...

I want one in my room.