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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Schoolhouse Planner and the Old Schoolhouse Magazine

***The Schoolhouse Planner***
Upon first glance at the Schoolhouse Planner, I had a feeling it would be like every other planner out there. Same information, same sheets I would not use and same lack of important document worksheets. After flipping through the first several sections of this ebook, I realized I was definitely mistaken.

The Schoolhouse Planner has a large array of teaching tools that no homeschool family should be without. This information alone would make this a lovely ebook, however, there's much more. I love the variety of legal documents for those needing or wanting to keep homeschool records. In the past I have searched online extensively to find free printable worksheets for this purpose alone, and had still not found what I wanted. This book has all of what I have been looking for in this area.

The recipes in this book are very delightful. For my family, I try hard to make most of our meals at home. Simple to prepare recipes, recipes that don't take too long and that don't require special ingredients are a must for us. This is why I love the recipes in this book so much.

Most importantly, the Christian perspective in this ebook is very refreshing. I love how the basis of the book is built around scripture. It is so nice to have that reaffirmation in a book such as this.

There are only two things that I think could improve this book tremendously, making it more user friendly - this is the month by month area. By simply adding a page that says "January" then having a picture of a snow covered house, for instance would help make the transition to the calendar much smoother. Maybe even a lovely short poem on the first page as well. I felt almost confused when I'd get to each new monthly section. I also very much love the recipes but think it'd be neat to make menu's from recipes that coordinate with the months. Warm comfort food in the winter months, fresh foods that are in season for the summer, etc..

In conclusion I feel this is a must-have for every homeschooling parent. I am a fairly organized person and was shocked to see this was something new and fun we could use. For any home to be run smoothly there has to be some form of organization. I feel that The Schoolhouse Planner has done a very effective job in helping us as parents find the areas in our lives that need more time and work. There has been nothing left out of this book. From gardening, health, finances, biblical structure, homeschooling and so much more; this book is truly the best planning book I have come across to date.

***The Old Schoolhouse Magazine***
I have read through many homeschooling magazines in the past several years. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is by far my favorite and only subscribed to magazine.

A few years back, I was still under the impression that I had to set up my homeschool like a public school building. Within the first few years, our homeschool had become very dry. My daughter started to lose her love for learning. It was from reading articles in the Old Schoolhouse about the Charlotte Mason learning style that I started looking into alternate ways to teach my child. It has not only saved our homeschool, it has brought a love for learning back to my daughter. This is just one way this lovely magazine has been so helpful to our family.

I love how I can find reviews to many different curriculum's, books and multi-media. Most of them also have discount codes which is very helpful to the homeschooling family on a budget.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine now has 2 different ways to purchase this magazine - paper copy or digital. While I love having a paper copy to hold in my hands, we're running out of room in our home when it comes to shelf space. This has offered me a great alternative.

While I could write all day on how I love this magazine, I think it's worth it to see for oneself how enchanting this homeschooling magazine truly is by visiting the link below.

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