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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Organized Homeschool

I know some of us naturally are not organized. If you are not, I would challenge you to work on it. I have found how important it is to be organized while homeschooling. We have boughten 3-5 of the same books in the past and not even realize it. The same thing with crayons, glue sticks and so on. If you are organized you not only know where things are when you need them, but you also save money by not purchasing the same things over and over.

It did take us awhile to purchase these items. With the bookcases and organizing bins that we have, you're looking at spending about $180. While that may seem like a lot of money to most of us (it does to me), realize that we only bought one bookcase per month or every 2 months and the same with the organizers. Now we have a good system that works well and our items are easy to find.

As far as the desks - we got the smaller desk my son is sitting in on freecycle and we recycled the black desk. The black desk was in my daughters room taking up too much space. We went out and got some primer and paint as well as handles and had a brand new desk for the kids. The computer was only $25.00 at a school sale. They were getting all new computers and had this lovely little mac which will suite our kids needs just fine.

All in all our whole set up including desks, computer, bookcases and storage areas cost under $250.00. This just goes to show that a little at a time truly goes a long way. Below are some links that can help you find items cheaper for your homeschool area. There's also resale stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army and your independently owned resale shops. Happy Organizing!

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