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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Mini Family Vacation

Lyshie and I at Zhenders.

Jon and Matt at Zhenders

Jon in his cute little wet suit with floaties built into the suit.

Cool Zhenders sign with restaurant in the background. It's called Elf Hollow.

Here's a pix of part of Splash Village. So much fun!

Last but not least is a pix of our whole family sitting outside of Frankenmuth on a bench - hoping Jon does not jump up and run out in the road. Eeekkk.

We all went to Splash Village. So fun! Here are some pix. We stayed one night at Zhenders Splash Village and of course ate the famous chicken dinner from there. Thankfully Matt and Lyshie all had coupons for the dinner so we got off pretty cheap - well comparatively speaking. lol!

There was quite the event that took place with Jon and I. If you want to hear about it please email me. I'm NOT posting it on here.


Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

Splash Village looks cool. Is it some kind of indoor playground or are those tubes for water fun outside?

Jason said...

It looks like you all had a lot of fun. Yay for family vacations! Even if they are mini.

Amanda Kaake said...

Yes it is an indoor waterpark. Sweet huh? Although the chlorine drove me nuts. Ick!

Elizzyfish said...

Ahhh Frankenmuth! At first I got it confused with Shipshewanna and I told Chris that you all went to the place we got engaged. Chris asked me why there was a waterpark in the Amish country and then said, "Frankenmuth is in Michigan. Did they go to Frankenmuth or Shipshewanna?" It's pretty sad when an American gets the two mixed up and the Brit doesn't.

I am glad to see the pictures of everyone. You are making the hole in my heart from not seeing you wider, though. :-(