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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back from "Vacation"

Talk about a crazy family!

This past week Matt was a counselor for a Bike and Paddle Camp for Camp Alexander Mack in Indiana. His group of kids went to Pennsylvania from Monday - Saturday. I can't give you much detail on that as I was not there but you will see pix below.

The kids and I stayed at the campground the first few nights in a room at the campground. Needless to say Jon woke up at 4am in the morning on Monday wanting to sit in his carseat and go home. That was all bad. So...we stayed at Grandma Shannon's place while she was gone. It's still on camp property but has much more space, ac and is much more familiar to Jon. While we weren't able to do as much as I had hoped, Jon was at least somewhat better by Wednesday.

So all in all it was fun. I got to sneak away while Jon was sleeping (Lyshie watched him) and go take some pix at camp which you'll also see below. That was definately the start to my sanity for the trip. lol! Enjoy the pix!

Jon with a sucker - I know I'm bad. He's sporting a little monkey backpack that has a leash on it.

Here is Lyshie sitting in the same gazebo looking out at the lake.

This guy was beautiful! I followed him for a bit, then he just sat there and let me take his pix. I was super excited!

Mom used to grow these in the back yard under the kitchen window. How beautiful! The name currently escapes me.

Mmmmm - berries! And for our mother's, no we did not eat the berries.

Ok these guys were cool. The unfortunate thing is my camera would not let me use the macro setting and zoom in anymore. Just click on the pix for a larger view.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I missed this guy. This was taken when he had gotten back. Coincidentally, our anniversary was the day before he got back. We had to have some kind of picture to remind us of where we were for our 5th anniversary. We have an awesome date planned in a couple weeks.


Elizzyfish said...

I really enjoy your site, Mandi. I love those pictures. I cannot believe how fast that little boy is growing and I have not even met him in person, yet!

Happy Fifth! I sent a card out a bit late to you, but I did not forget!


Amanda Kaake said...

Awwww. Thanks:) I keep forgetting to check comments on here. Sorry. Thanks for the card!! Seems family members don't remember our birthday's anymore let alone anniversaries. Oh well.