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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How much are we willing to lose?

We are now at a time where our children are having to learn "lost arts". Do you know what the current lost arts are? Sewing, cooking, and simply taking care of the house - for girls. I will admit I'm not sure what the list is for boys. That is very, very sad when girls cannot take care of their home and family when they get married and instead choose a career where the man has to be left at home - or worse yet, both parents work. I'm sure I'll get a lot of flack for this but that's ok. A few people have told me "well the women on Proverbs had a job"....which is totally taken out of context. SHe was home and did good with what her husband gave her. Titus 2:5 says this of a woman...

to be sensible, pure, workers at home, kind, being subject to their husbands, so that the word of God will not be dishonored.

I don't think that leaves any room for argument. Anyway back to the lost arts - another art that is soon to be lost is cursive writing. Several public schools are already putting more computer time for children in place of cursive writing. I'll admit I was not at all concerned till I started reading about the implications of this decision. Do you realize that most of our old documents are written in cursive? Things like The Declaration of Independance and other important documents. It would only take 2-3 generations for cursive to be lost entirely and then the problem of not being able to read/decipher our important old documents. We are in a day and age where things most important are being lost, especially the family as a whole and it's importance in the biblical sense.

I encourage any of you reading this, if you have taken on a role in the home that is not yours to take, to give it back and take on your rightful role. It will be pleasing to your marriage, your children and most importantly God. In that role you will truly be happy.

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