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Friday, May 16, 2008

Homeschooling is wonderful!

I love teaching my kids at home. Nothing compares with the wonder in their eyes when they learn something new or the joy that comes from knowing they are being taught from a true biblical foundation. Here is a picture of my lovely Lyshie doing math while her brother is "reading". lol.

I hope to soon be able to post all the neat pictures of birds we've found in our front yard. We put out a bird feeder and it seems we can't keep it full for more than a few days now. It's so nice looking out and seeing all those beautiful birds. Lyshie just poked her head out the other and said "there's a red-winged blackbird". We have our handy bird guides available as well as our camera so we can get a picture of them and then blow them up to properly identify them. Pix coming soon!


Elizzyfish said...
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Elizzyfish said...


How dare you have a Blogspot without infoming me?


I am glad to see your presence here. Do you like Blogspot better than Myspace? I do, mostly because there is not all of that smut you see on the login site.

Amanda Kaake said...

Yes I do like it much better than myspace. Lol! I informed you last night you just didn't get it yet. lol. I'm glad you care enough to scold me. *hugs*