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Monday, May 19, 2008

Enwrapture Vintage arrived today!


I got my skirts today and am so excited. I got this for a super cheap co-op price. They are real silk skirts that can be worn many different ways. Here are just two pix of the one skirt and there are many more ways than this to wear it. Woo hoo! If you want to know how to get one yourself please contact me by posting a comment on here. Here is their site but I get them for only $8.00 - $8.50 plus shipping.


Anonymous said...

LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY dear daughter!!! JUST Stunning!
Love you!

Amanda Kaake said...

lol! thanks mi madre.

larry said...

Hello, I am the owner of Enwrapture Vintage and I wanted to let you know you look great in your skirt! Enjoy!!

jamie Veprek said...

I love it! Now I just need you to teach me how to do it :).

lisa said...

beautiful! i'd love to know how to get one!

Anonymous said...

I just got my 2 wraps today! I just love it and can you please post the website where it shows you the 100 ways to wear it!