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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Backyard Updates

Well I was hoping to till up the garden some more but when it's all by hand it makes things a bit tiring. Still, it looks much better in person and I got everything planted today. Here's what I planted:

Marigolds (pest deterrent)
Lemon Thyme
Beans (green)
Sugar Snap Peas

Can you tell I didn't quite get it all watered?

Now for updates on the deck. Matt got the steps on today and now all he has to do is cover it all up - facing? I have no idea what the terminology is. Anyway, here's our updates.

1 comment:

Elizzyfish said...

Wow the deck looks great! Mstt is very talented.

Your garden sounds delicious - well, except for the marigolds. I sometimes literally mix neraly all of what you have planted together for a lovely chicken dish! It sounds like my spice cupboard.

Yay, Mandi!